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Electrolysis & Laser Hair Removal Testimonials

I have been seeing Andrea for over a year now and I am seeing real results. I once had very thick, dark, coarse hair that covered my jaw, chin, cheeks and sideburns. Now I am only growing back soft, light, hair in sporadic areas. Currently I am seeing a 90% hair reduction in these areas. I cannot tell you what this has done for my confidence...

I highly recommend Andrea. She is the most amazing electrologist. She is kind, professional, sincere, compassionate, and funny too! She is the only electrologist I will let work on me...truly OUTSTANDING results!!

I have PCOS and have been extremely self conscious about the hirsutism until I met Andrea. I did a ton of research trying to find the perfect hair removal expert and am beyond satisfied with having chose her. I cannot express enough gratitude to her and how she has changed my life. Her personality and empathy lift you up, and her attention to detail is amazing. She spent so much time answering all my questions, no matter how seemingly trivial. I know everyone is different, but I already saw results after one session and near complete results after four or five sessions.
I also recommended another friend who has trouble with ingrown hair growth on her legs to see Andrea, and now, we both swear by her. If you feel self conscious or afraid, she will make you feel so comfortable in your own body just with her pure charm and understanding. I cannot recommend her enough!

Andrea is an expert in her field! I have PCOS and suffered from a young age with hair overgrowth. I was about 9 when people started picking on me. I was ten when I started plucking and it quickly became something that I had to wake up every morning to do. The psychological strain of having to do it every morning before anyone could see me got worse the older I got. I owned tweezers in mass and never went anywhere without them. I tried nair, bleach, wax, and finally threading. I had no idea that everything I was doing was making it worse. When I met Andrea I assured her my hair defied the sciences and there was no way she could help me. She was so knowledgeable about the hair cycle and hair removal and was so patient and thorough in our consultation meeting. I can not believe that I now do not even own a pair of tweezers. I no longer avoid being in natural light with people. I no longer avoid close up pictures. I highly recommend you go see Andrea and see how she can change your life too!

As a trans woman - unwanted hair is a big source of anxiety. Andrea has been wonderful - she always makes me feel comfortable and safe. I wouldn't go to anyone else!

Andrea is the absolute best at what she does!!! There is just no comparison. Thank you for awesome service and lasting results.

I'm absolutely blown away by Andrea's meticulous attention to detail when it comes to her work. She is incredibly thorough, professional, and always goes above and beyond to make sure that I'm taken care of. After years of feeling self-conscious, she has not only helped me remove hair, but she's also helped me to feel more confident. Anyone will be in good hands with Andrea. I highly recommend!!!

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