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Andrea Arnold, owner of Haute Hair Removal & Aesthetics of Cary NC, standing in front of mural in Downtown Raleigh

About Andrea Arnold

Please, let me introduce myself! My name is Andrea Arnold and I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee. Although I’m not native to Raleigh, I’ve lived in North Carolina since 1990 and consider myself lucky enough to call the area home for the past 25 years.


I graduated from Appalachian State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and also earned a certificate from Duke University's Paralegal Program. After graduation I began working as a paralegal with the ultimate goal of attending law school. Though my work as a paralegal was enriching, I felt like a piece of my creativity was unfulfilled. Aesthetics has always been a passion of mine and throughout the years I’ve moonlighted as a consultant in the cosmetic, skincare, and textile industries. The juxtaposition of my occupations helped me realize that I would rather "work with people, than work with paper."


I was diagnosed with PCOS as a young teenager, so I know the personal struggle and long battle of removing unwanted hair. I began hair removal treatments in 2005 and can personally attest to the process. These experiences afforded me the exposure into the world of permanent hair removal. After a fortunate encounter with a local Electrologist, I threw in the corporate towel and set my sights on a career in electrolysis, laser hair removal, and aesthetics. In 2007 I graduated from the Electrolysis Institute of New England, the Rocky Mountain Laser College, and the London Make-Up School.


After a 7+ year long stint working in electrolysis and laser hair removal, my entrepreneurial spirit tugged at my heart. With a keen eye for beauty in everything I see and a genuine desire to truly help transform the lives of my clients, I founded Haute Hair Removal & Aesthetics in 2019. It is my intent to provide an inclusive environment for all those seeking customized aesthetic solutions. My services include: electrolysis, laser hair removal, and aesthetics consulting.


Outside of treating clients in my office, I’ve remained very active in my community. I’ve served on the Junior League of Raleigh since 2010 and help raise money for non-profits where the work is dedicated to supporting youth, stabilizing communities, and equal rights. I have also served on the Greater Piedmont Electrolysis Association as President, 2nd Vice Chairman, and Secretary. I am also an active member of the American Electrolysis Association.

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